The first
Rock Paper Scissors league
in the Blockchain world

Wear & Level up

3000 Wearables

Your RPS Team

5000 Hands Teams​

Own & Earn

100 Lands

Most of the things are defined by strategy, and a bit of luck.

With this in mind, we’ve got a particular feeling for this game that has transcended cultures and centuries. These two main concepts, combined, are taking part in this new chapter of history!


We proudly present the first Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) League in the Blockchain world, crossing the whole planet, ready to become even more popular and welcoming any player to take part, have fun and play-to-earn!


The Holders of an RPS NFT Team will be invited to join the RPS game. 

Players will have the chance to play daily PVP games, where one player receives the whole prize, or to play in the weekly League for greater prizes (for 80+ participants).

Team for mobile


Goes for everything without stop. His ideas combined with a good team can make any project shine as heaven.

-Gamer but better Gambler
–Software developer
–Finance specialist
–Crypto optimist


He is better than an Excel. His dashboard is filled with plans. Can reach any person in the planet with a computer in his backpack.

-Social Media Strategist
-Growth marketer
-System analytics


Scissors shapes any idea to make it better. His art loves to travel around the world.

-Marketing Specialist
-Project manager
-Social Media Creator
-Brand Strategist

Binance Smart Chain

Coming Soon